NABH & NABL Accredited Facility as per Scope


We can`t talk about excellence without talking about the people behind all that we do at Focus Imaging. Our Physicians, Radiologists, Pathologists`, Cardiologists, Anesthetists, Nurses and other paramedical staff have deeply invested in our patients and the communities we serve.

People drive change. And we`re committed to provide the Quality DiagnosticHealthcare for patients. To provide a patient-centered& personalized approach, we always attract top medical and leadership talent who provide the highest level of comprehensive care.

By working at Focus Imaging, you`ll join a proud, dedicated team of professionals that makes excellence the daily standard. A destination for the top talent, Focus Imaging exemplifies a team-based culture in which the outcomes are the best.

When you make a gift to Focus Imaging, you become a part of our excellence journey. You make a difference.

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Address- C-10, Green Park Extension New Delhi-110016

Phone:- Tel: +91-11-42199992

Address -C-10, Green Park Extension New Delhi-110016

Phone:- Tel: +91-11-42199992

7/1-4, Yusuf Sarai Market, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110016

Phone:- Tel: +91-11-42199992