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Focus Imaging and Research Centre (P) Ltd. was conceived as a premier institute catering to the ever increasing and demanding task of providing world class medical diagnostic solutions under one roof. It was a dream conceptualized by a group of professionals in the field of medical diagnostics and marketing logistics whereby the company was incorporated in August 2001 and started commercial operations in February 2002.

Focus Imaging was founded by Dr. Prashant Sarin and Mr. Vinod Kumar Sharma in 2002. Within a short span of approximately 16 years this has grown into one of the premier imaging centers for quality diagnostic services within the National Capital Region.

The flagship center at H-10 and C-10 Green Park Extension, South Delhi, situated in close proximity to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS-Having the highest OPD foot falls in India) and Safdarjung Hospital has a commanding market share of approximately 15-20% of the entire radiology market in Delhi. Over the years, the company has built an enviable brand name offering quality diagnostics at affordable price points.

The company has started a state of the art Department of Laboratory Medicine at 7/1-4 Yusuf Sarai Market, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi and within a short span of less than 48 months; the laboratory medicine business has grown to contribute approx. 20% of the top line of Focus Imaging & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. with collection facilities available at H-10, C-10 Green Park Extension along with the main Laboratory Medicine Hub at Yusuf Sarai.

The Facilities cater to approximately 500 to 700 Patients per day in both Radiology and Pathological segments.

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Address- C-10, Green Park Extension New Delhi-110016

Phone:- Tel: +91-11-42199992

Address -C-10, Green Park Extension New Delhi-110016

Phone:- Tel: +91-11-42199992

7/1-4, Yusuf Sarai Market, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110016

Phone:- Tel: +91-11-42199992