NABH & NABL Accredited Facility as per Scope

Accreditation and Quality

A Drive towards Excellence

Quality can mean many things to many people. In healthcare, quality refers to the extent to which healthcare services are provided to patient to improve health outcomes. The role of quality management at Focus Imaging and Research Centre is to support the healthcare team as they continually strive to improve their processes of healthcare delivery. Our team follows the Quality Cycle of planning, designing, checking and implementing to continuously improve the services. Quality improvement initiatives have always shown to have impacts on patient care and safety moreover identify the barriers and facilitating factors. Essentially our quality team monitors and evaluates trends within the facility and focuses on improving our patients` experiences and increasing overall satisfaction. Quality indicators have been defined for every significant process, and are monitored to ensure continuous quality improvement, to achieve international benchmarks. Focus Imaging holds the following accreditations

  • Focus Imaging is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Healthcare Facility.
  • Focus Imaging is Accredited by NABH for Medical Imaging Services as per Scope.
  • Focus Imaging is Accredited by NABL for Laboratory Medicine Services as per scope.

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Address- C-10, Green Park Extension New Delhi-110016

Phone:- Tel: +91-11-42199992

Address -C-10, Green Park Extension New Delhi-110016

Phone:- Tel: +91-11-42199992

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Phone:- Tel: +91-11-42199992