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Terms And Conditions

  • We will endeavor to upload the reports online within 36 Hours from the investigation/tests being done. However, in case the reports are unavailable online; kindly contact the diagnostic center/front office to confirm the timings.
  • All efforts & technical verifications are done so as to upload complete & correct reports, still please confirm the patient details on the report & the fact that reports are there for all the tests ordered. As few test results have variable formats/graphical presentation & there online upload is not possible, so they are to be collected as hard copy or can be emailed to you on request.
  • At times, diagnostic reports may require additional medical history, discussion with referring doctor or counseling of patient, in that case reports may not be uploaded.
  • FIRC is committed to protecting your privacy and also to giving you timely, accurate access to your medical reports when you need them. In using online format, FIRC will not be responsible for unwanted sharing of your report in cases of sharing of username & password at you end or because of exposure of information by serious IT malfunction/Cyber attack on FIRC site.
  • Assays are performed & reported in accordance with the stated scheduled day & time. In the event of unforeseen circumstances (non-availability of kits, failure of test runs, instrument breakdown & natural calamities etc.) FIRC will make all efforts to minimize the delay in reporting.
  • A test requested might yield “UNSATISFACTORY RESULT” or “ TEST NOT EXECUTED” for various technical reasons, such as, test cancelled on request of patient or referring doctor, wrong type of specimen, quantity inadequate, spillage in transit, specimen quality unacceptable (hemolysed/clotted/lipaemic etc.). In such cases, FIRC Laboratory will always try to contact you/referring doctor in person, to explain & if required request for a fresh sample. Due to poor connectivity or wrong personal data, if we are unable to contact you, please contact the laboratory for the same.
  • Tests having PRELIMINARY & FINAL reports will have only one report online, i.e. once final report is there, preliminary reports will not be available. This will be mainly in microbiology culture reports.
  • 8.For tests performed on specimen received from collection centers/non FIRC locations (within & outside Delhi NCR), it is presumed that the specimen belongs to the patient named or identified.
  • All efforts are made to upload the reports of radiology tests within 36 hours of the scan being completed.
  • In cases where additional medical history, discussion with referring doctors, counseling of patient or more co-relative tests are needed to be done, the uploading of reports may take more than 36 hours.
  • These reports are for the perusal of medical practitioners only and are not valid for medical legal purposes.
  • The technical note given below a test is a general comment on the test- its nature, its basic interpretative value & any other general information pertaining to the test performance, test results, follow-up etc. Any specific interpretation based on evaluation of the patients individual sample or result is placed above it.
  • Any query pertaining to this report should be directed to 011- 42199999/42199991/92/93

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