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CT or 'CAT' scans

Key things to remember if you are having a CT scan:

  • If you need a CT injection, make sure you have had a BUN and creatinine blood test before your appointment date (minimum 48 hours).
  • Do not eat 4 hours prior to your appointment.
  • You can take prescribed medications with water 4 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • If you need a CT injection, do you have kidney disease? Let the staff know, for you  we need blood work a minimum of 48 hours before the CT injection.
  • If you are 65 years or older, and/or diabetic, you need to have blood work a minimum of 48 hours before the CT injection.

CT, which stands for Computed Tomography, is an advance X-ray technology that uses computers to create high-resolution, detailed images of the body. Exam times can be a few minutes to about 20 minutes, depending on the test your doctor has ordered with most CT exams taking about 10-15 minutes.

Arrive one half hour before your scheduled appointment time. It is important to not eat 4 hours before your test; however, if you are on prescribed medications, and you must take our medications within the 4 hours before your test, you may take the medications with water. If your CT scan is of the abdomen or pelvis, you may be required to drink a substance called barium prior to your CT scan. The technologist will provide this barium drink to you on the same day of the exam, or you may want to stop by the center the day before your exam to take the barium drink home with you so you can begin to drink as directed.

Some CT scans require an injection in a vein in your arm. Your doctor will have already sent you to a laboratory to have some blood tests performed if you are to have this CT injection. The two blood specimen values we like to have before your CT are a B.U.N. and a creatinine, for these tests indicate how well your kidneys are functioning. If you have kidney disease of any kind, make sure you notify the front office staff. It is important that you answer questions thoroughly and completely on all forms given to you regarding your medical history.

If you have not had a blood test, let us know as soon as possible, a day or two, before your CT scan appointment. If you are to have a CT with an injection, the technologist will start a small intravenous (IV) prior to your scan once you have entered the CT suite. Once the scan is completed, and the IV is removed, your technologist will give you instructions and you can resume your normal activities such as driving your car and resuming your normal diet within the guidelines as prescribed to you by your doctor.

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